Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jay Reatard and No Age

Supported by Naked on the Vague and the Disbelievers.

It's a thursday and it was late so everyone was pretty muted for this show, but both bands were awesome.

Jay Reatard was first of the headliners, saw him the previous day at Red Eye doing an acoustic set which was interesting. Pretty fun. Lot’s of energy. Too bad you can see right through his act. Bassist is fucking awesome though. The bassist is a total dude.

Jay Reatard - Gaelic Club, Sydney, 29/01/2009 - 42.7mb - 39 minutes

I really liked No Age at the time, but I've come to appreciate them so much more since, I have attempted to record them a total of 6 times this year and this is the only one that's turned out. Great show though. Muddy sound.

No Age - Gaelic Club, Sydney, 29/01/2009 - 49.8mb - 42 minutes

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