Monday, December 21, 2009

Meredith Music Festival

While I was too smashed to be able to record anything at this festival, the nice fella who runs the Turn it Up blog up in Brisbane managed to grab quite a few sets, the highlights of which being Thee Oh Sees, Jarvis Cocker, Sia and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Click through here to get them.

And while there's nothing there yet, the nice people over at Fan Made Recordings may put one or two up in the near future. They may not, it's up to them.

It was an amazing weekend of music so grab what you can.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Animal Collective

So I went down to Melbourne for a few days to go to Meredith Music Festival and then have a few days in Melbourne. This is all I recorded in that time, Meredith is pretty much my "Day Off".

Animal Collective were really good at Meredith, but as a friend said they had a really slow start and by the time it began being awesome it was over, the side show however was all awesome, the best set I've seen them play on this tour, love the setlist and the performance itself is spot on.

Summertime Clothes
Leaf House
Lion in a Coma
My Girls
What Would I Want? Sky
Guys Eyes
Lablakey Dress
Brother Sport
Daily Routine
Who Could Win a Rabbit

Animal Collective - Forum Theatre, Melbourne, 14/12/2009 - 145.7mb - 1 hour 36 minutes

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thee Oh Sees at the Annandale Hotel

With Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Royal Headache and Straight Arrows.

I'm sure you guys have noticed the immense amount of trouble I've been having lately and how much of a hassle this blog has become, but only Thee Oh Sees survived this night, no band before or after. Which is lucky though because Thee Oh Sees totally ruined everyone else's shit. They were amazing.

Thee Oh Sees - Annandale Hotel, Sydney, 03/12/2009 - 56.6mb - 40 minutes

Took me ages to fix everything so I wasn't able to grab them again on Saturday, but they were just as good despite playing at like... 9:30 or whatever. Will give it a shot at Meredith this weekend.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scott Matthew

Fact: You didn't go to this and you are an idiot because of it. Scott Matthew was really quite amazing. Really happy with the set list, playing most of what was easily my favourite album of 2008, and probably the past quite a few years. I cannot fault this really, his voice is beautiful and he really pulls it off live. Ends with a new song and a Radiohead cover. Being in a Church, the acoustics weren't great, and being a quiet show countered with moments of very high notes it was kinda hard to pull off but I'm very pleased with the end result.

Little Bird
Market Me to Children
Upside Down
White Horse
Friends and Foes
For Dick
In the End
So This is Christmas
New Song
No Surprises

Scott Matthew - Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney, 28/11/2009 - 96.2mb - 1 hour 11 minutes

Gold Shoulder Friday #3

Launch of the Mountain Fold Music Journal.

Free beer and free music journal. Sweet. Lakes was up first and fucking loud, I haven't seen Lakes in about 3 years (One of the very first of these kind of shows I went to) and I don't remember it being that good. He was great, hoping to catch him again real soon and actually get it to tape this time.

Royal Headache do what they do. Two songs I hadn't heard before in here.

Royal Headache - GoodGod Small Club, Sydney, 27/11/2009 - 39mb - 26 minutes

After being a bit iffy on them last time, the UV Race totally won me over this night. They were so so great. Awesome fun, wish I could have made it the next night. Also the vocals were distorting like that on the night, could be intentional.

The UV Race - GoodGod Small Club, Sydney, 27/11/2009 - 51.3mb - 36 minutes

Ghosts of Television LP Launch

Supported by Hochman & Hopkins, Knitted Abyss and Whores.

For the launch of Forsaken Empire, which if I say so myself is easily the best album I've heard this year. Sure you could download it like every blog is telling you to, but you go figure that out yourself. The easier option is buy it.

I don't know what I did but I lost everything up until Ghosts of TV, I think I figured it out so it won't happen again but you know, bummer. Also lost the first song of Ghosts of TV, but here it is, it's awesome. Yeah the vocals are pretty loud but it makes Buzzrd pretty awesome even though you can barely hear anything but vocals. Also there's a Biggie cover in there.

Ghosts of Television - GoodGod Small Club, Sydney, 26/11/2009 - 45mb - 31 minutes