Saturday, October 31, 2009

Limited Express (Has Gone?) and Ni-Hao at Jura Books

Supported by To the North, Hira Hira, Pockets and Holy Samolly.

9 bands in 3 hours. Somehow they did it. Show was moved from Dirty Shirlows (Which is hopefully only temporarily closed) and combined with Juracoustics. The result turned out pretty well.

Had I know Holy Samolly were playing I would have taped them, but I guess it's lucky I didn't because they only got through 3 songs and the technical problems were 10/10.

Last time I saw Pockets I don't think I "got" it because they were pretty good tonight.

Hira Hira played probably the best show I've seen them play, this was really, really great.

Hira Hira - Jura Books, Sydney, 29/10/2009 - 19mb - 14 minutes

To the North played a pretty great set with the vocals way too low as usual, the last song was friggin awesome though.

To the North - Jura Books, Sydney, 29/10/2009 - 28mb - 20 minutes

I decided to go down stairs to check out one of the acoustic sets that was going on down there and damn I wished I had heard of this girl earlier because she moved away to Newcastle the next day and she was really really good. I believe she was called A Dire Dawn. Need to do some research.

Went back upstairs for Ni-Hao and it was pretty awesome to see people in the room that's normally not seen at these shows getting really into it, Ni-Hao were a ridiculous amount of fun.

Ni-Hao - Jura Books, Sydney, 29/10/2009 - 24mb - 16 minutes

Limited Express (has gone?) you all know well about, they were sick. So sick.

Limited Express (Has Gone?) - Jura Books, Sydney, 29/10/2009 - 35mb - 25 minutes

Rowland S. Howard album launch

Supported by DZ.

Can't stand DZ, so I went into the room next door and watched Megastick Fanfare.

Rowland S. Howard was pretty great, I only have Pop Crimes so I was pretty lost on anything that's not that but this show was great encouragement to go back and check it all out. Man... $27 is a lot.

Pop Crimes
Dead Radio
Shut Me Down
She Cried
Wayward Man (False Start)
Wayward Man
Avé Maria
Life's What You Make It
The Golden Age of Bloodshed
Sleep Alone
Exit Everything

Rowland S. Howard - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 22/10/2009 - 105mb - 1 hour 15 minutes

Monday, October 19, 2009

Useless Children at the Sando

With Pee Wee, Do Not Resuscitate and None Remain.

Do Not Resuscitate were awesome how ever I fucked up the recording. My fault. Did get a free demo tape off them though, keen to listen.

Next up were Pee Wee who was great as they always are and made the show a whole heap of fun, threw a whole crapload of free cash in to the crowd. Surprisingly enough the first chance I had to tape them.

Pee Wee - Sandringham Hotel, Sydney, 17/10/2009 - 30.5mb - 21 minutes

Useless Children was pretty much as expected, a really great set. Someone find me a way to buy the LP + Shirt deal on line, thanks.

Useless Children - Sandringham Hotel, Sydney, 17/10/2009 - 49.9mb - 36 minutes

Jens Lekman backyard show

with Sly Hats.

This was actually a lot of fun, it was just Jens Lekman with a guitar, a tambourine, a laptop and sometimes Geoff on backing vocals. Did a lot of new songs and they were all really good. I accidentally (Some how) hit the pause button for the first song, which I am going to call Argument With Yourself, and I'm pretty cut because that song was genius. Sound came out pretty well for a backyard/low volume show.

Jens Lekman - Five Dock, Sydney, 17/10/2009 - 84.26mb - 1 hour 2 minutes

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ducktails at Serial Space

Supported by Knitted Abyss and Pimmon.

I recorded this show using an Edriol R-09HR only rather than my usual set up, so the sound is no where near as good and the levels are a bit off but they turned out listenable.

First time finally catching Knitted Abyss. Was pretty darn sweet. No you know... melody or anything like that.

Knitted Abyss - Serial Space, Sydney, 06/10/2009 - 32.84mb - 20 minutes

Now Ducktails was sweet as, it's a shame he had to cut a song off the end but you know, was great for the short time it lasted. Just him playing solo. Also, what a chin.

Ducktails - Serial Space, Sydney, 06/10/2009 - 40.6mb - 29 minutes