Monday, April 26, 2010

Dead Farmers/Royal Headache double launch.

I had heard only terrible things about 202 Broadway, and having walked past it frequently and never seen a soul in there, I wasn't expecting much. The band room in the basement however is pretty cool, I dug the vibe, an acoustic nightmare, but I really enjoyed seeing these bands there.

Dick Diver came all the way up from Melbourne to support, I hadn't seen them since they came to support Mum Smokes, and I was equally blown away this time, they've been one of my favourite bands since then and this set was solid as hell. What a band.

Dick Diver - 202 Broadway, Sydney, 25/04/2010 - 48.1mb - 35 minutes

The good thing about seeing Royal Headache every single time they play is that they tend to bust out 2 or so new songs each time. Tonight there were 3 new songs and all of them amazing, they did seem to cut out all the songs that required actual singing though, not bad though because this was easily the best set I've ever seen them play. Everyone was so into it, there did seem to be some people near me treating Royal Headache like gods, and they were on fire. For some reason though (and it was like this on the night) the vocals keep getting louder and louder as the set goes on, so the last song is basically awash with distorted vocals.

Royal Headache - 202 Broadway, Sydney, 25/04/2010 - 35.5mb - 25 minutes

Dead Farmers finished off the night of what was pretty much a perfect lineup and were as amazing as ever, I decided to not be in the first two rows for this one so I couldn't see shit, but they've always been an amazing band and they played an amazing set. The LP fucking rules as well.

Dead Farmers - 202 Broadway, Sydney, 25/04/2010 - 41.6mb - 30 minutes

Chrome Dome album launch,

Supported by every band ever.

First band up was Liz Hurley, I didn't record them and I'm assuming first gig ever for them, but I dug it for what it was.

Somehow I've lost every recording I've done of Whores, but they were pretty good tonight, not the best I've seen them, but def up there. Also has some awesome Clarinet shredding by Nic De Jong on some tracks. Recording comes in during the first song and the sounds a bit iffy for 30 seconds, but good from then on.

Whores - Supper Club, Sydney, 24/04/2010 - 23.8mb - 15 minutes

I had forgotten Dead China Doll were on this bill so this was the best surprise ever, what a fucking fantastic band. Killer set, came out great as well. No idea why I haven't recorded these guys before but got quite a few opportunities coming up.

Dead China Doll - Supper Club, Sydney, 24/04/2010 - 33.4mb - 24 minutes

The Nevada Strange are getting better each time I see them, but they're not quite there yet, some great ideas going around though. About 14 minutes there's some insane feedback so you know, watch out.

The Nevada Strange - Supper Club, Sydney, 24/04/2010 - 37.8mb - 26 minutes

This was the point I realised it was going to be a long night and that a shit load of bands were playing. The Warm Feelings played but the recording turned out to be shitty as. Shame.

I was showing Justice Yeldham to my girlfriend for the first time and was expecting to blow.her.mind. but forgot that shits pretty toned down as Rice Corpse. Great set. GREAT SET. Amazing drumming.

Rice Corpse - Supper Club, Sydney, 24/04/2010 - 25.5mb - 17 minutes

Chrome Dome finally rounded at the night. All hail Chrome Dome. A must listen this one. Not even going to give details, fucking listen to it.

Chrome Dome - Supper Club Sydney, 24/04/2010 - 38.9mb - 27 minutes

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ivy St 7inch Launch w/ The Stabs

Ivy St started off a night of very similarly themed music and played a killer set, probably my favourite from the night. Good effort coming all the way from Hobart. Recording cuts in during the first song.

Ivy St - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 23/04/2010 - 44.9mb - 31 minutes

No idea why I've never recorded the Holy Soul before, despite being a bunch of great song writers, I always find their sets to drag on for that little bit too long, still a great set. Wish they got through the entire cover of Candy.

The Holy Soul - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 23/04/2010 - 59.4mb - 41 minutes

The Stabs weren't as good as past sets, they were fucking stellar at Flip Out and at GoodGod, this time they just seemed... kinda there and nothing else. Was awesome to hear Wading and That's It. Also they should probably set up their drum kit before playing, thing fell apart each song.

The Stabs - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 23/04/2010 - 63.5mb - 44 minutes

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitchen's Floor 7" Launch

Supported by Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and Holy Balm.

Never been to the Friend In Hand before but I really quite enjoyed it, great atmosphere, don't know what the chances are of having more shows there in the future there are, but was a pretty good alternative to GoodGod Small Club.

Holy Balm were up first, I've been a bit on and off about these guys, sometimes I think they're the best band in the world, and sometimes I find them a bit dull, tonight they were the best band in the world. So. Amazing. Can't wait for the 7inch.

Holy Balm - Friend in Hand, Sydney, 17/04/2010 - 31.5mb - 22 minutes

One of my biggest regrets was not recording Kitchen's Floor last time they came down, they killed it, they were amazing, sound gets a bit iffy at points but it's more than listenable.

Kitchen's Floor - Friend in Hand, Sydney, 17/04/2010 - 42.7mb - 28 minutes

I was really tired so I went to sleep, next time BWBB.

Hira Hira/Little A split launch.

Man. Fuck World Bar.

Little A was great and charming as hell. Sound is pretty fucked up in this one, drums machines come in incredibly loud at points. Remind's me somewhat of Best Coast, lyrically anyway.

Little A - World Bar, Sydney, 16/04/2010 - 37mb - 26 minutes

A while the "Bordello" has shitty sound, shitty lighting and is stupidly hot, Hira Hira fucking owned it. The energy was amazing and they blasted through the whole set. A few newies as well.

Hira Hira - World Bar, Sydney, 16/04/2010 - 44mb - 30 minutes

New Weird Australia

Featuring Karoshi, Caught Ship, Alps of NSW and Paint Your Golden Face.

Photos by Tenzenmen. Full set here.

A show organised by the endlessly marvellous New Weird Australia.

Yeah yeah long time between updates and this was a long time ago. Plenty of reasons.
I missed Karoshi but they were by all accounts amazing, and only saw the second half of Caught Ship, and by my account were also amazing.

Alps of NSW played stuff I mostly hadn't heard, and all of it was great. Only plays three songs over 20 minutes, but I really dug it all, hadn't seen him since last August.

Alps of NSW - St Petersburg, Sydney, 27/03/2010 - 25.7mb - 24 minutes

When I heard Paint Your Golden Face's name, I knew it would be Liars influenced, but to be honest I just felt like I was listening to a poor man's Drum's Not Dead. Really not my thing, it was just lots of looping really simple drum beats without going anywhere with them. Though when it gets good, it's really great, but those times are way too far and few between.

Paint Your Golden Face - St Petersburg, Sydney, 27/03/2010 - 51.7mb - 36 minutes

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crowded House Fanclub Show

I had never seen Crowded House before. When they played the Entertainment Centre in 2007, I was in Melbourne, when they played the Enmore in 2008, I was in Fiji. So I finally got to go to what was originally a secret fanclub show thanks to the grace of the fanclub, especially a man named Crimpies, who bought me a ticket so I could record it, and to all the others who approached me offering to, Crowded House has the nicest fanclub ever.

The main point of the show was to show off new tracks, and they were pretty good I must say, but they did play a whole bunch of old songs as well which blew me away, so happy to see them live. I've seen the Finn Brothers before and Tim Finn before, but to hear Crowded House play them gave it a bit more of a legitimacy. The vibe was really relaxed and they fucked around a whole heap, Neil "The Silver Fox" Finn is just the most charming bastard ever. But as a result of fucking around they went over time and I can only assume cut off an encore, there was so much more I wanted to hear, but then again that wasn't the purpose of the show. My only real complaint about the show was the mix, in no ways bad, but unexpected, just made the band and the songs (especially the new ones) seem really delicate and brittle, sometimes matched with over powering piano when Mick Hart went up back. Apart from that, stellar show.

Attn Fanclubbers: FLAC is coming soon.

In My Command
Saturday Sun
Fall at Your Feet
Don't Stop Now
Either Side of the World
Four Seasons in One Day
Twice if Your Lucky
Pour le Monde
Whispers and Moans
It's Only Natural
Falling Dove
Archer's Arrow
Private Universe
Distant Sun
Fingers of Love
Into Temptation
Video Killed the Radiostar (The Buggles) (Teaser)
I Got You (Split Enz)
World Where You Live
Don't Dream it's Over

Crowded House - Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 31/03/2010 - 194.7mb - 2 hours - 2 hours 15 minutes