Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hira Hira/Little A split launch.

Man. Fuck World Bar.

Little A was great and charming as hell. Sound is pretty fucked up in this one, drums machines come in incredibly loud at points. Remind's me somewhat of Best Coast, lyrically anyway.

Little A - World Bar, Sydney, 16/04/2010 - 37mb - 26 minutes

A while the "Bordello" has shitty sound, shitty lighting and is stupidly hot, Hira Hira fucking owned it. The energy was amazing and they blasted through the whole set. A few newies as well.

Hira Hira - World Bar, Sydney, 16/04/2010 - 44mb - 30 minutes


  1. damn - is it that bad? scul hazzards launch is there may 28th....

  2. World Bar is pretty bad, luckily the band room is on the top floor and away from the general population of World Bar, so it's a bit better in that way, but it's still hard at times to hear the band over people hitting on each other.

  3. Been waiting for this one. Awesome.

    fuck world bar.

  4. i doubt i'll ever enter that room again.