Monday, July 26, 2010

Golden Staph + Super Wild Horses

I missed all of Golden Staph's shows this weekend because shit was busy as and I'm lazy but they were awesome, regret only seeing them the once but that didn't take away from it at all.

Golden Staph - Repressed Records, Sydney, 25/07/2010 - 29mb - 20 minutes

First impressions from seeing Super Wild Horses back at Flip Out last year left me less than impressed. In fact I hated them, time to admit I was wrong because this was great.

Super Wild Horses - Repressed Records, Sydney, 25/07/2010 - 29mb - 21 minutes

Intentions + Dead China Doll

Intentions rule. Simple as that. It's a bit jumpy at the start and the vocals are blaringly loud.

Intentions - Black Wire to Common Ground, Sydney, 24/07/2010 - 25mb - 17 minutes

Dead China Doll rule. Simple as that. It's a bit jumpy at the end and the drumming is amazing.

Dead China Doll - Black Wire to Common Ground, Sydney, 24/07/2010 - 26mb - 17 minutes

Sally Seltmann - Heart That's Pounding launch

I don't normally go to shows like this, but I was entertained and Sally Seltmann writes a damn fine song. Darren from the Avalanches was on the drums as well. She plays quite a few New Buffalo songs as well, crowd was strange, 30-somethings trying to hold on to their youth through FBi vs. Triple J mouth breathers. The type of crowd that when the performer asks for quiet spends the entire song shushing each other.

Sally Seltmann - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 23/07/2010 - 91mb - 1 hour 5 minutes

Naked on the Vague + Southern Comfort

I'm not 100% on what Southern Comfort is. It's just Harriet and Angela yeah with Jack filling in whatevers vacant? Every time I see them he's playing a different instrument. Anyway, pretty cool.

Southern Comfort - Spectrum, Sydney, 23/07/2010 - 40mb - 28 minutes

Naked on the Vague played a sort of stripped down set, a lot less keyboards and pedals and such and lots more guitar, the result was brutal, one of the best sets I've seen them play.

Naked on the Vague - Spectrum, Sydney, 23/07/2010 - 52mb - 36 minutes

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aktion Unit + Alps

Went to the new Dirty Shirlows during the day for a set from Aktion Unit. It's pretty cool the way they've done it up, proper PA, a (wide but shallow) stage and even some lights. Didn't expect it coming in, so I guess that explains why they were closed for that time.

I guess Alps of NSW is just Alps now, but this set was el grande. I missed everyone before he came on though.

Alps - Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, 11/07/2010 - 34mb - 23 minutes

When Aktion Unit started it was some big band mode, there were 8 people on stage but my first impression that it was going to be some very low key ambient affair, but by about half way through everything was building up and by the end it was just an incredible cacophony of sound. A really great set all around. People were employing shit they'd learn from the Dead C the night before.

Aktion Unit - Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, 11/07/2010 - 24mb - 16 minutes

The Dead C for the Biennale

The Dead C played their first show in 7 years in Australia as a free one at the SuperDeluxe Artspace. Spent the whole week pretty excited for this one and it met expectations, I missed the first minute or so because I was playing pool. Everyone seemed pretty stoked about when they started raking their guitars around during the feedback section at the end, I'm glad the sound quality turned out as well as it did because I had pretty low hopes at the time. There are at least 3 other recordings floating around out there if you don't like this one.

The Dead C - SuperDeluxe Artspace, Sydney, 10/07/2010 - 80.6mb - 55 minutes

Monday, July 5, 2010

In Sepia/Nim split launch

Since it was just down the road from Black Wire, why the hell wouldn't I?

Hira Hira played, you know the deal, there's a bit of clipping from my shitty wire that caused problems all weekend. Sing-a-long good times.

Hira Hira - Jura Books, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 25mb - 17 minutes

Been waiting a while to finally see In Sepia, totally entrancing stuff. They were really really great. One of those bands I realised I had never seen before until they mentioned that it was their first time in Sydney.

In Sepia - Jura Books, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 44mb - 30 minutes

I had never heard of Nim before and assumed I like them by association. They frikken ruled, really showy stuff, but great, fun post-hardcore in the same vein of Life at These Speeds/Moving Mountains, but from Japan instead. A band I wish I had known of before going in, but what better way to discover them?

Nim - Jura Books, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 59mb - 36 minutes

And so ends the most incredibubble weekend ever.

Black Wire to Common Ground in-store

So Black Wire is pretty much the new Paint it Black. First time I've been there and it rules. Great room for gigs and they have every Murder City Devils LP for $12! Entirely volunteer ran.

The Fighting League represented Canberra and were basically a shit load of fun. I dunno if I wanna bother describing it, just listen.

The Fighting League - Black Wire to Common Ground, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 36mb - 25 minutes

I've been pretty obsessed with Assassins 88 tape the past couple of months, but I didn't know what to expect from them live. Just assumed it would be a duo and the bassist would sing, but turns out they both sing, with the drummer doing most of it with a mic (Telephone receiver? Ribbon mic? Same thing? Neither?) duct taped into his mouth. Live gave me mad Lightning Bolt vibes, without sounding like them at all. Just loud as shit pop music with crazy drumming.

Assassins 88 - Black Wire to Common Ground, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 27mb - 19 minutes

Bitch Prefect again. Awesome again. What a band. Come back soon.

Bitch Prefect - Black Wire to Common Ground, Sydney, 03/07/2010 - 51.5mb - 37 minutes

Naked on the Vagues - Heaps of Nothing album launch

A friend reminded me before their set that I once said that Holy Balm flip flopped between being "Eh" and the best band in the world. I retract that statement now, they're consistently amazing. Another great set.

Holy Balm - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 02/07/2010 - 40mb - 27 minutes

Just the same as everyone else, after hearing Kitchen's Floor do Bad Decisions and deciding that it's pretty much the best song ever, I had to see Bitch Prefect. They are great not a single bad song all set, just really great pop music, me and everyone I've hung around in the days since have just been singing along to basically any song from this set.

Bitch Prefect - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 02/07/2010 - 46mb - 31 minutes

First chance I've had to see Naked on the Vague since releasing the best album ever. They ruled, had never heard Blank Minds live before, but the whole place basically turned into a metal gig when that was dropped, just heavy as hell. Band were at the top of their game at this show, a flooring set. Just the worlds darkest music with genius pop melodies is all.

These Days
Mysterious Oven
New Song
The Joke
Wrong Room
Sacred Youth
Treading Water
Black Lettuce
Blank Minds

Naked on the Vague - Excelsior Hotel, Sydney, 02/07/2010 - 62mb - 43 minutes

Dualplover End of Financial Year Party

Don't know how, but Lucas Abela managed to get Sydney's music scene to go to Home Nightclub. That was an odd experience.

I got there about 9pm, and now that the line up was basically nothing like it was originally planned, I don't know who the first couple of bands I saw were, I'm assuming I missed Godswounds, but the first I recognised were Crab Smasher, one of those bands that are awesome and on every line up, but I keep managing to miss. Was a good way to start the night, there's a short conversation I have towards the start of it, sorry about that, also I can't remember how much of the first song I missed, my gear has been fucking up recently, and I know exactly how to fix it, I just don't have the money.

Crab Smasher - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 23mb - 17 minutes

Drunk Elk played next I think, I've completely forgotten the order, and were a bit of a downer and didn't quite suite the night, but were still great. There's about 5 minutes I cut out in the middle of them just tuning their instruments.

Drunk Elk - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 28mb - 19 minutes

10 minutes of Rice Corpse next, don't know why so short, guess Lucas had better shit to do that night. Still mad regrets not taping them at Auralted States, probably the best I've seen them played, also the longest.

Rice Corpse - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 13mb - 9 minutes

Then in true Dualplover style it turned into some fucking weird rave-core rave for about an hour and a half and everyone acted like a bunch of fucking weirdos, after counting down to the new financial year. It was awesome.

I had been quite excited to see Horse MacGyver, (Probably better known as ///▲▲▲\\\, fucken #\\/\\/|†©|•| |•|▲ยต§, too far? Too far.) so I was a bit shitty that he played a short set, and some cunt spent the entire set throwing shit at him, but when he got into the flow of things it was really fucking good, but by all accounts his set at Serial Space the night before was just mind blowing. Because I decided to consider that I was seeing him tonight and skip out on that show to go to my usual Tuesday Night Trivia at the Clare. I'm dumb.

Horse MacGyver - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 24mb - 17 minutes

I saw Teen Ax once before when they were Liz Hurly, and was really impressed, they were still really good but it occurred to me that night that the drummer is just fucking appalling, even playing shit as simple as this and everything about it is so weak. Here, have the potential award.

Teen Ax - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 20mb - 14 minutes

Whores rule. Whores fucking rules.

Whores - Home, Sydney, 30/06/2010 - 25mb - 18 minutes