Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pivot November 2008 Australian Tour

Supported by My Disco and Qua.

In retrospect I have no idea why I went to this instead of Ohana's final show. But it was still a pretty great show. This was also my first show using the iRiver iHP-120 over my Edirol R-09HR.

Qua were first up and I didn't record but I'm sure it's on MoshCam somewhere.

My Disco then played their distinct brand of repetition, I mean minimalism. But really it was quite enjoyable and very fucking loud.

My Disco - Gaelic Club, Sydney, 29/11/2008 - 46.6mb - 39 minutes

At the time, this Pivot recording was the exact sound I had been looking for. The show was great and ends in an awesome cover of I, Zimbra by Talking Heads.

Pivot - Gaelic Club, Sydney, 29/11/2008 - 72.6mb - 60 minutes

Clockcleaner Australian Tour

Supported by The Disbelievers and those other bands that always play Oxford Art Factory.

This was the same night as the Die! Die! Die! show and I opted to go to the OAF show over the Dirty Shirlows (I think? Louie's?) so I could see Ohana. They weren't due on to 2am and it wasn't really worth it. They were alright I suppose but yeah. Shit gets old fast.

Clockcleaner - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 29/11/2008 - 45.7mb - 39minutes

Die! Die! Die! A.T.T.I.T.U.D. Tour

Supported by Ripping Dylans and Ohana.

Ohana were on first, little did I know this would be the last time I would ever see them.

Ohana - Spectrum, Sydney, 29/11/2008 - 32.6mb - 26 minutes

I regret not recording Ripping Dylans now because they seem to so rarely play shows now and they are rather great.

Die! Die! Die! were just freaking awesome. No other way to put it. Recording is a bit muddy but worth it.

Die! Die! Die! - Spectrum, Sydney, 29/11/2008 - 53.4mb - 45 minutes

"Let's fuck shit up pretty please."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Qua and Mountains in the Sky Double Album Launch

Supported by Ohana.

Ohana are by far my favourite Australian band. This is only 1 of 2 recordings I managed to nab of them before their hiatus. It's a bit iffy but the performance is as great as any Ohana show.

Ohana - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 06/11/2009 - 31.7 mb - 25 minutes

Next up was a sort of round robin set between Qua and Mountains in the Sky. They basically just swapped instruments, played 3 or so songs each, swapped again, did some improv on each other songs, and then came together for some messy jam at the end. It was amazing and I doubt they'll ever do it again. They also had some comedian (I guess?) break up the set. Only time I've seen Qua with a live drummer. Needs to be done more often.

Qua & Mountains in the Sky - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 06/11/2009 - 139mb - 1 hour 56 minutes

Saturday, November 1, 2008