Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joanna Newsome in Wollongong

Supported by Jens Lekman and Robert Forster.

I was seated in row F for the show really over to the side, so the mix isn't quite that even but I did what I could and it turned out alright. It was pretty hard to record as well considering the PA was quite low and every was incredibly loud between songs. Also I was sitting directly in front of the drums and not that far away from them so that had quite an effect.

I'm not allowed to records Jens Lekman but he was amazing and charming as all hell, probably my favourite set from the night. Argument With Myself is still genius.

Robert Forster was next and while he started off a bit slow, by the end I was really enjoying it. Played a song of Friends of Rachel Worth as well.

Robert Forster - Anita's Theatre, Wollongong, 23/01/2010 - 49mb - 35 minutes

Considering I only recognised only 3 or so songs in Joanna Newsom's set, she was completely captivating. Walked out hells impressed by her. New songs are damn fine, looking forward to the album.

Jack Rabbits
Bridges and Balloons
Have One on Me
Ribbon Bows
Inflammatory Writ
Soft as Chalk
No Provenance
Peach, Plum, Pear

Joanna Newsom - Anita's Theatre, Wollongong, 23/01/2010 - 149mb - 1 hour 49 minutes


  1. she's amazing, can the new album be even better than the last??

  2. This show was sublime; wasn't there, since I'm from Nicaragua, but listening to each new song made my ears feel lazy when hearing some other musicians. I have been playing Joanna's new songs for days and I can't sleep! 23th february come faster!

  3. Ah, here I was hoping that there would be some news of her coming back to Wollongong. Maybe I've just got to scour the pages of internet a little harder to find some new news unless you guys know when she may be returning?