Monday, November 23, 2009

Lightning Bolt

Supported by Primitive Calculators, Grey Daturas and Naked on the Vague.

I generally have pretty bad luck taping Naked on the Vague, but this however is probably one of the best recordings I've ever done, helped in large part by NoTV being fuck-awesome. They sound absolutely huge.

These Days
Treading Water
Sacred Youth
Wrong Room
Abstract Figures
Black Lettuce

Naked on the Vague - Manning Bar, Sydney, 21/11/2009 - 45.1mb - 30 minutes

Last ever Sydney show by Grey Daturas. They were awesome, hearing it out of a huge PA was great as well.

Grey Daturas - Manning Bar, Sydney, 21/11/2009 - 44.4mb - 32 minutes

First Primitive Calculators show in Sydney in 30 years. Man what a night. But yeah, these guys were so into it, it was awesome, was great to finally see them. If you're downloading this you know what to expect. Wish I taped the sound check though.

Primitive Calculators - Manning Bar, Sydney, 21/11/2009 - 34.1mb - 23 minutes

Lightning Bolt. Jesus Christ. So I tried recording these guys from the second row so it clips every now and then but overall, I am very happy with how the sound turned out for this. I had a fucking great time at this show, and yes it was loud, not that I realised until it was over and everyone that spoke to me sounded like they had distortion on their voice. Because of the set up basically the left channel is all bass and the right channel is all drums. Also about 20 mins into it all my gear gets unplugged and stays unplugged for about 20 mins, so basically I'm putting up what survived of the recording. Can't wait for tonight.

Also I think I included the soundcheck at the start. I don't know I just assumed it was a song I didn't know. A pretty bad one at that.

Lightning Bolt - Manning Bar, Sydney, 21/11/2009 - 51.1mb - 38 minutes


  1. boner! can't wait to see them Saturday. Will be pumping this until then. Thanks man.

  2. if i hadda been second row i'd be dead about now from injuries received. i was about 10ft back form them and up a step. as a result i have the bass perfectly and you can tell there is someone else playing :)