Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween with La Quiete

Supported by Crux, Holy Samolly, When Chimps Attack and Independent Thought Alarm.

All photos by Tenzenmen. View full set here.
Independent Thought Alarm are great. So so great. Pretty sure this was their first show, they did a cover of P-Power by Nation of Ulysses so they're cool by me.

When Chimps Attack were next, had I known this was gonna be their last show ever I would have made so much more effort yesterday, hadn't seen these guys in years but they were awesome. Pretty sure you can hear little kids running around the entire set.

I have seen Holy Samolly 3 times in the past 3 days and they're pretty great. Sam from Quebecs new band.

Holy Samolly - Hellen Rose-Shauersberger Laboratorium, Sydney, 31/10/2009 - 26mb - 21 minutes

I'm pretty sure this is Crux's final run of shows which is a real shame because they've always been so great, so enjoy.

Crux - Hellen Rose-Shauersberger Laboratorium, Sydney, 31/10/2009 - 48mb - 33 minutes

So yeah, La Quiete came back, who would have thought. No words, just so awesome. So so awesome. Cannot wait for the show at Jura Books, you're all gonna be there right? It's freaking La Quiete man you have to.

La Quiete - Hellen Rose-Shauersberger Laboratorium, Sydney, 31/10/2009 - 42mb - 30 minutes


  1. awesome thanks.

    spotted you with the microphone hanging tape to your shirt at the sando the other night

  2. yeah moz, intentions are playing at jura now! so ah, yeah, we're better than we used to be, we like to think.