Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Laurels 7-inch Launch

Supported by Warhorse, Dead Farmers and Whores.

This was the first time I had recorded a show at the Hopetoun Hotel and I had never been looking forward to it. The speaker stacks are asymmetrical, pointed at different angles and have various obstacles. For a first time there these came out pretty good, they needed a bit of work and the sound is a bit harsh due to a mistake I made but here they are.

Whores were great. Didn't get to tape them though. Was a slightly different set up from when I last saw them (Which was a long time ago.)

Dead Farmers played a pretty decent set. Not the best I've seen from them.

Dead Farmers - Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney, 18/07/2009 - 30.4mb - 22 minutes

Next up were Warhorse, who were as fucking awesome as all ways. Hoping I get many more chances to tape these guys, it was good to have the bands blessing for once. There are 4 skips in this recording due to a corrupt file, it took me quite a while to recover the whole thing but over all it's pretty much unnoticable considering at first it was looking like it was going to only be 10 minutes worth of this recording that would survive. There's nothing I enjoy more than a band with a self-titled song.

Warhorse - Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney, 18/07/2009 - 52.17mb - 36 minutes

I'm under the impression I had the Laurels permission to tape them as well. Sweet as. I thought they were absolutely amazing but a few of my friends thought it was either too long or just a bore. I loved every long, long second of it. It was pretty freaking loud as well.

The Laurels - Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney, 18/07/2009 - 92.37mb - 1 hour 3 minutes


  1. Excellent! didn't get to make it down there that night

  2. Thanks Morris!


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