Monday, July 13, 2009

La Dispute/To the North Australia Tour - Dirty Shirlows

Supported by Intentions, Dining in Tuscany and Bare Arms.

This is the first "Non-Commercial" venue show I've recorded purely due to confidence issues. I hope to do a whole lot more because that was actually the original intention of me starting all this. I still felt like a fuckwit though.

I had hoped (or any word other than intended) to record Intentions, but they came on first and also see previous statement. I'll have many more chances though.

Bare Arms played after Dining in Tuscany and played a killer set, the vocals are a bit low but all things considered (acoustics wise) I'm pleased with how this one came out.

Bare Arms - Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, 12/07/2009 - 31.7mb - 22 minutes

To the North are just awesome. You all know this. No technical problems until the last song and you can actually here Max this time. The vocals go from being barely audible, to crystal clear, to peaked and back again all throughout the recording.

To the North - Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, 12/07/2009 - 38.1mb - 27 minutes

And finally, La Dispute, I'm hoping this isn't the last time I see them because they have played some of the best shows I've seen to some of the most passionate crowds I've been in.

La Dispute - Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, 12/07/2009 - 39mb - 27 minutes

Once again, thanks to To the North, thanks to Dirty Shirlows. If anyone has a contact for La Dispute please let me know, I want to get these recordings to them. Also thanks to those of you on the day who were ridiculously nice to me for no reason.

Also I'm trying to get to the Wollongong show. I can get there easy but getting back is a problem. If anyone has any ideas/a ride/a place to crash contact me. (Contact is mozzac at gmail dot com)

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