Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fabulous Diamonds

Supported by Moonmilk, Holy Balm and Naked on the Vague.

I missed Moonmilk, saw Holy Balm and they were amazing. Don't really know what else to say.

My first time seeing the 4-piece Naked on the Vague, and I really dig it. I think it's fucking great. Unfortunately I screwed the recording (Actually, it's unfair to say I did it when those mother fuckers at Church Audio forgot to put shielding, amongst many other things, on my cables so my mobile caused interference every 20 seconds.) Lucky I will have a million other chances to catch them. This Friday for example.

Fabulous Diamonds weren't the best I've seen them, though still damn good, apart from all the inebetween song bullshit. Sound quality is alright.

Fabulous Diamonds - Sandringham Hotel, Sydney, 25/07/2009 - 62.1mb - 42 minutes

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  1. Nice one.. totally agree with the inbetween (I was there and left early) .. looking forward to hearing the NotV at Dirty Shirlows -- may not make it, so make my night eh?. If you (someone?) can get more Holy Balm, they put on a great show I really enjoyed them too .