Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Wild Horses album launch

Supported by School of Radiant Living, Boomgates and Total Control.

So I went to Melbourne for the weekend, I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out which Victoria Hotel this was since the address I had been given was an actual hotel. Turns out the show was literally in a hotel, in a function room. Which turned out to be surprisingly good, as I'm sure they don't normally have gigs there so there was no limiter and it was preeeeeeeeetty pretty loud.

Boomgates were quite interesting to see, who are (correct me if I'm wrong) Rick from the Twerps, Steph from Dick Diver, Gus from Teen Archer, Brendan from Eddy Current Suppression Ring and maybe one other person. There are some really well thought out songs here, but they also played a few duds as well, a short set of all the good stuff would have gone over really well, but this dragged on a little. Brendan spent half the set shredding into a melodica and I don't think I heard a peep out of it once.

Boomgates - Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, 31/07/2010 - 45mb - 31 minutes

I was always looking forward to seeing Total Control, but did not expect them to be this good, one of the best sets I've seen all year, if I had to go down "x meets y" path I'd say Chrome Dome meets Brainiac. Best I saw all weekend, as far as I know Total Control is Mikey from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dan from the UV Race/Straitjacket Nation, Al from UV Race/Dick Diver and two other dudes that I'm sure people from Melbourne know.

Total Control - Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, 31/07/2010 - 41mb - 27 minutes

Super Wild Horses, seemed to be a bit of an off night and they played wayyy to long. I didn't even know they had this many songs, plenty of enjoyable moments through out though.

Super Wild Horses - Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, 31/07/2010 - 63mb - 44 minutes

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