Monday, August 23, 2010

Royal Headache + Wollen Kits

Photos by Dimity. Full set over at Two Point Eight.

I didn't get a chance to record Lowlife and the Warm Feelings as I was pretty all over the place at that part of the night, but they were pretty cool.

But before I start anything, fuck Newtown RSL. I haven't been there since I saw Animal Collective play there years ago, unless that Kiosk + Calvin Johnson show was after that, I forget. But the sound is fucking atrocious, at random points the sound would just totally blow out and either become all high end or get drowned in bass, and at the best of times it was like hearing the bands play through a hand held radio, also I know it's standard RSL fare but trying to tell people that live within 5kms that they need to get a membership is annoying as hell when you have an event such as this going on.

Woollen Kits played just as well as they did the night before, but with pretty poor sound, but less guitar cutting out.

Woollen Kits - Newtown RSL, Sydney, 20/08/2010 - 47mb - 30 minutes

Playing the shortest set of the night in true Royal Headache style, they stepped it up a notch and reminded everyone why they love them so much. No other band in Sydney can get a crowd going like these guys can and it's pretty awesome/fun to see that sort of reaction. It still amuses me how much they hate even the slightest suggestion of playing Honey Joy, despite the fact that song is pure genius.

Royal Headache - Newtown RSL, Sydney, 20/08/2010 - 33mb - 23 minutes


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