Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At least for now.

As you have probably noticed I'm not really doing this so much anymore. It's been a productive two years and a lot changing during that time, but unfortunately I'm not feeling the passion for it anymore and feel as if recently it's becoming more of a chore that's taking away from my enjoyment of shows. I took a month of going to gigs in general and came back trying to tape Sun Araw and that was not a good experience, I might release that later. Hey, I might even come back to the blog later if I feel and resparked interest in it, or maybe if the Sydney scene really switches it up in the near future. That said it's been a fun 2 years, met a buttload of people, heard a lot of incredible music and I think I've captured a very important time in Sydney music on tape forever. Thanks to everyone that listened, commented, let me tape them, hung out with me at shows, let me know that my efforts were appreciated, Adam Lewis for having me on Radiant on FBi a few times, Papaiti for playing my tapes on his show in Wellington, and Chris over at Fan Made Recordings for getting me into this in the first place.

As for regrets, I regret never being able to record the following bands: Ether Rag, Thylacine, Yes, I'm Leaving, Let Me Down Gently, Jungleman, None Music, Ghoul, Michael Crafter, Carborator and plenty more from beyond Sydney.

And for the sake of numbers, my most downloaded shows were The Cure, Pavement, Rowland S. Howard, Glassjaw and Paul McCartney in that order, each downloaded tens of thousands of times each. I might do a few posts in the future revisiting my favourite shows.

I might have some new blogs up soon, something small for now that I run with Adam Lewis from Radiant on FBi fame is ausreleases, just an archive of albums released for free by Australian bands.


  1. cheers from duhmerica. thanks for sharing.

  2. Dang - we're always gonna be here when you return dude! Thanks for the great work.

  3. Hey there Morris you've been an inspiration, I only wish I had your enthusiasm and energy, and the recording, computer and online tools, when starting out gig going and recording 25-30 years ago. Hope to see you back in the live recordings arena in some shape or form some time. Cheers from crankingsmps.

  4. A sad day indeed. Hope it all goes well.

  5. gotta thank you for recording that graf show at my house dude, it's such a fond memory and having the mp3 to listen to it over again is a rare treat.

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