Thursday, May 27, 2010

Batrider Return

Supported by Dead Farmers, Pets With Pets and Brian Chase & Seth Misterka.

Good to see more shows being played at the Red Rattler, love this place. Dead Farmers up first played a pretty killer set to a pretty apprehensive room. The sound is a bit weird and there wasn't much I could do to it, but it's still quite good quality, and they had great amounts of energy.

Dead Farmers - Red Rattler, Sydney, 22/05/2010 - 27.6mb - 20 minutes

Always hearing a lot about Pets With Pets, I was somewhat suspicious watching them set up. Seemed like a bunch of overly image conscious people who just graduate from Rock and Roll 101, but once they started playing it was not what you'd expect at all from a band with a dedicated tambourine player who has a bandanna hanging off his mic stand. Really quite enjoyed this set, starts off very droney on the first song but because quite dancy towards the end. I accidentally tagged this one as being on the 26th of May. Oops.

Pets With Pets - Red Rattler, Sydney, 22/05/2010 - 49mb - 33 minutes

Bringing in the douchepatrol was Brian Chase & Seth Misterka. I only found out a week beforehand that they had been added to the line up, I didn't realise until I arrived there that the place would be full of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans. They played exactly what I expected them to, which was quite refreshing compared to the rest of the line up, but naturally all the people who just knew Brian Chase ended up either sticking their fingers in their ears and turning around, or just talking loudly to their douche friends for the entire set. Short, but great set. I accidentally tagged this one as being on the 22nd of April, I'm getting bad at this.

Brian Chase & Seth Misterka - Red Rattler, Sydney, 22/05/2010 - 34.8mb - 24 minutes

I hadn't seen Batrider in years, but I mustn't have been paying close attention because I seem to remember there being 4 of them, and I didn't recognise the other 2 that were playing on this night. Great set though, pretty much what you'd come to expect from Batrider, hard to elaborate on it apart from that.

Batrider - Red Rattler, Sydney, 22/05/2010 - 49.1mb - 34 minutes

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  1. holy! i've been waiting for a batrider one for ages!!

    so excited!!!!!!!