Monday, August 31, 2009

Flip Out 2009

Featuring Eddy Current Suppression Ring, James Arthur's Manhunt, Goodnight Loving, Naked on the Vague, Super Wild Horses, Pink Reason, Royal Headache, Ooga Boogas, The UV Race, Slug Guts, Deaf Wish, The Stabs and Zond.

It's been a long time (Probably something overseas) since I've been so excited for a gig. There are literally no "Not awesome" bands on this line up.

Zond started out the day, they were already playing when we walked in so I didn't think it was worth taping them (And I left the Dirty Shirlows show early due to almost falling over from sickness) so that's a bummer because they were fucking awesome, had been looking forward to them and they delivered.

The last time I saw Royal Headache was in some dudes backyard, and it was awkward. Before then it had been warehouses and record stores, so it was interesting to hear them out of an actual half-decent PA system. They were awesome. But you all know that right? Pitchfork olol.

Slug Guts next on the main stage with the amazing PA. Fuck that shit was loud. Pretty regular Slug Guts fare, recording cuts in half way during the first song because I was too busy picking up free Tenzenmen swag.

Someone somewhere at sometime once told me that the Ooga Boogas were never going to play Sydney. Which is silly because this was rather enjoyable. The slow build ups in two of the songs were waaaaay too long but apart from that, awesome and solid. Dude has awesome teeth.

Because of all the awesomeness, I decided that the best time to eat was during Naked on the Vague, apparently this was a mistake but you know, any other weekend guys.

James Arthur's Manhunt were the first of the internationals of the day to play, was p. good. Not much to say.

I was overseas when Deaf Wish last visited Sydney, so this was my first time seeing them. Shit was brutal. Probably my favourite set of the day.

The Stabs were the band I was looking forward to most, and they delivered, the Deaf Wish/Stabs double was awesome, drummer attempting to tell his story of falling down the stairs at Manning Bar was probably the highlight of the weekend.

I don't dig Goodnight Loving, was time for food instead again.

I was actually really looking forward to the UV Race, but found it hard to concentrate at all on the set and the entire thing went over my head due to whatever the hell was going on on stage. Would have been bearable if for the most part it was sincere and not just an attention grab which is what it degenerated to after 2 or so songs. Listening back on it though it's pretty good. Look forward to seeing them again.

Pink Reason started good, then played that song with the recorded, then played Free Bird. Yes. Free Bird. Do not like. I also turned all my gear off when they started packing up before deciding to play another cover. You guys miss out I guess.

Super Wild Horses? A little too Dash and Will for my tastes.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring, finally. What a long day. Tired as fuck but they were so good. My face melted. But yeah, they've crossed over, pretty sure the group next to me were doing the shuffle. Or crip walking. New songs are awesome. Brendan is just such a good front man.

So that was a fucking loud, awesome and long day. Thanks to Stained Circles, Arrght!, the organisers, all the regulars and blah blah blah. Flip Out 2010 plz.

If anyone has some contacts for the bands who played, send them my way. I think they'd would at least be somewhat interested in listening to these.


  1. Morris you are my hero. Thanks!

  2. I don't think it was such a crime to miss Naked On The Vague..they are probably my least favourite out of the whole lineup.

  3. Yo Zohara, have you seen the new NoTV? The bass and drums make it amazing. I can't wait to see them 300 more times this year.