Saturday, May 30, 2009

Animal Collective

An amazing show in the weirdest venue I’ve ever been to with the strictest security I’ve seen. This was inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and feature the highest stage I’ve ever seen and a whole bunch of crazy shit (advertisements) on the wall. Support was excellent (Grouper) but no one was paying attention. Also props to Animal Collective for crazy rotation of set lists, the only songs that stayed the same between shows were the MMP ones and Fireworks.

Also the stage set up Animal Collective use at the moment is pretty cool. They all have their tables of knobs and fiddlers draped in white cloth with lights put underneath them to light them all up, and then suspend a huge ball in the middle of the stage and shoot projections on to it. Also there’s a massive huge version of the Merriweather Post Pavilion album cover/wallpaper backdrop. They could really benefit from having a live drummer again. Oh and by playing the Purple Bottle 7 times.

Also happens to have the best sound of any of my Animal Collective recordings.

Also Frightened
My Girls
Lion in a Coma
What Would I Want Sky
Guys Eyes
Daily Routine
Brother Sport
Comfy in Nautica
Summertime Clothes

Animal Collective - House of Blues, Las Vegas, 30/05/2009 - 135mb - 1 hour 36 minutes

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