Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midnight Oil - Live at the Capital

Dude. WOT.

Came down with pretty low expectations. Rumours were they were only going to play for 20 mins and that they could only play a few of their songs due to Garretts political standings.

But nope, what we got was probably the second best show I’ve seen all year. Garrett is a fucking machine and Rob Hirst has guns, I would of paid just for that gun show. Good to see them putting in excessive amounts of effort, playing two 2 hour shows for a 20 min set on Saturday.

Redneck Wonderland
Brave Faces
Under the Overpass
Blue Sky Mine
Only the Strong
When the Generals Talk
Golden Age
Read About It
River Runs Red
Power and the Passion
One Country
Luritja Way
King of the Mountain
Dead Heart
Beds are Burning
Best of Both Worlds
Too Much Sunshine
Forgotten Years
In the Valley

Midnight Oil - National Convention Centre, Canberra, 12/03/2009 - 135.7mb - 1 hour 55 minutes

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