Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Day Three

The day that contains all the reasons I went to Coachella. Cured all my technology problems (though the first two bands I taped of the day, No Age and Vivian Girls, fucked up, but that was my fault.)

The Night Marchers? JON REIS! Absolutely amazing. Very similar to Rocket From the Crypt and a few Drive Like Jehu elements to it. The crowd was absolutely tiny, but then again it was 1pm. It was so good to finally see John Reis in the flesh but it was weird to see that he recognised and personally welcomed half the crowd.

The Night Marchers - Coachella, Indio, 19/04/2009 - 53.2mb - 37 minutes

Fucked Up were one of many bands to start early, I missed the first song but it’s sweet from there on in. Crazy crazy crazy show. I don’t know what he did but he cracked his head open during the second song and spent the entire show bleeding on the crowd. Also played a Black Flag cover with No Age. Really enjoyed this one. Sound is real dodge at the start as I'm putting my mics on but it gets decent a little bit into it.

Fucked Up - Coachella, Indio, 18/04/2009 - 66.8mb - 44 minutes

Pretty regular Brian Jonestown Massacre fare, no rambling. Features Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion. Also Zia McCabe on Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth. Not a single word was spoken by Anton the entire time.

Whoever You Are
Vacuum Boots
Got My Eye on You
Not if You Were the Last Dandy on Earth
That Girl Suicide
When Jokers Attack
Oh Lord

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Coachella, Indio, 19/04/2009 - 72.9mb - 50 minutes

Antony and the Johnsons were absolutely beautiful. Lots of problems with the PA though. They came on stage 10 minutes early and only played for 30 minutes when they were supposed to play for 50 which was odd, but all of it was fantastic. Pretty sure the set got abandoned due to all the problems and for "trying something different"

The way the music is played live is completely different from what I ever would have expected.

Antony and the Johnsons - Coachella, Indio, 19/04/2009 - 47.6mb - 33 minutes

Man, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are popular in America. The crowd was huuuuuuuuuge and was the only time I encountered douchebags at Coachella, the rest of the time they were amazing.

Warning time though, this recording is pretty average. Only download if you really want to hear the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, if you’re all uppity about your quality turn away, about half way through I get bored and walk off to buy some water, and then I start pushing my way through the crowd to get a spot for My Bloody Valentine.

Dull Life
Gold Lion
Honey Bear
Black Tongue
Human Fly
Cheated Hearts
Soft Shock
Heads Will Roll
Y Control

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Coachella, Indio, 19/04/2009 - 83mb - 57 minutes

Absolutely bloody amazing. My Bloody Valentine along with the Cure are the two main reasons I came this festival. We were handed ear plugs on the way in, I knew it was going to be loud. They really eased us into it, the first minute or so was actually quite quiet, but then it took a huge step up, then another huge step, and then another huge step and then my ears hurt, they also turned all the speaker stacks on in stages as well, so the sound jumps around a bit in I Only Said. I peaked way to early, I went nuts when they played When You Sleep second. I couldn’t have been happier with this band than I was on Sunday.

And yes, there was 15 minutes of feedback.

I Only Said
When You Sleep
You Never Should
Cigarette in Your Bed
Only Shallow
Nothing Much to Lose
To Here Knows When
Feed Me With Your Kiss
You Made Me Realise

My Bloody Valentine - Coachella, Indio, 19/04/2009 - 100.9mb - 1 hour 10 minutes

The Cure? Only like my favourite band ever.

Absolutely perfect. Set starts off a bit slow but really picks up. I had several pant shitting moments, when they didn’t open with Plainsong I thought all hopes of hearing Disintegration were gone, I actually dropped my camera when they played the intro, I thought I was imagining things, and I finally got to hear Fire in Cairo.

They played 40 minutes past curfew and had the power cut on them, but they still continued to play with just the stage amps and monitors, I was close enough to be able to capture all this with my mics. The sing-a-long to these songs are probably the highlight of my show attending career. They even had a lady who stood on the wings of the stage facing the crowd that did sign language to every word of every song. So pleased with everything about this show. Pleased abot being fourth row. Pleased with the set list. Pleased with the atmosphere. Pleased with the best ending to a show I’ve ever experienced.

Underneath the Stars
Prayers for Rain
A Strange Day
The End of the World
Love Song
To Wish Impossible Things
Pictures of You
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Perfect Boy
Wrong Number
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
Shake Dog Shake
The Hungry Ghost
One Hundred Years
It’s Over
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Kiss
At Night
Play for Today
A Forest
Three Imaginary Boys
Fire in Cairo
Power Out
Boys Don’t Cry
Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Grinding Halt (Intro)

The Cure - Coachella, Indio, 19/08/2009 - 246.6mb - 2 hours 50 minutes

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