Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Day Two

Started my day with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, was pretty straight forward but very good. Ariel Pink is honestly a miniature person. This recording is in mono.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Coachella, Indio, 18/04/2009 - 27.6mb - 36minutes

Finally got to see Liars, absolutely killer set and the day was just excessively hot by this point. Left channel screws up a little bit in the first minute or so and is then fine from then on in. Also in a long series of bands to come on stage 10 minutes early but I missed nothing, that’s just him sound checking as I turn my equipment on.

To Hold You, Drum
Freak Out
New Song
A Visit From Drum
The Garden Was Crowded and Outside
New Song
Clear Island
New Song
Loose Nuts
Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack!
Plaster Casts of Everything

Liars - Coachella, Indio, 18/04/2009 - 62mb - 42 minutes

TV on the Radio on the mainstage. Pretty solid performance, nothing on their Metro Show, shat all over Big Day Out. Features Katrina Ford on Wolf Like Me and Staring at the Sun. I also tagged it as the wrong date if you want to fix that.

The Wrong Way
Golden Age
Wolf Like Me
Blues From Down Here
Young Liars
Red Dress
Dancing Choose
Staring at the Sun

TV on the Radio - Coachella, Indio, 18/04/2009 - 65.4mb - 45 minutes

I don't think Band of Horses really suit festivals, just every they've ever recorded is amazing so you miss out on so much no matter what. Really enjoyed this set.

The Great Salt Lake
Is There a Ghost
Weed Party
The General Specific
Marry Song
No One’s Gonna Love You
The Funeral
Wicked Gil
New Song
Ode to LRC
New Song

Band of Horses - Coachella, Indio, 18/04/2009 - 70mb - 48 minutes

At this point I had a complete technological melt down, my iRiver kept pretending it was full, my camera just mysteriously died and basically there is no documentation for the rest of my night. If I knew what I knew now the full sets I did manage to get before running into the error would have still survived, but alas, no Fleet Foxes, Junior Boys, Glass Candy, Chemical Brothers, Turbonegro or Gang Gang Dance for you guys.

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