Friday, March 5, 2010


So it's safe to assume that a lot of people will be visiting my blog for the first time for this, if you are, take a second to read the introduction off to the side to see what goes on here, and thanks for checking this shit out, and have a look around, there's plenty of other goodies here.

It's good to get a reunion tour while it's still fresh and the band are still into it, which Pavement clearly were. Heart-warmingly so. They could have played the crappiest setlist (They didn't) and been sloppy as shit (they weren't) and I would have walked away happy, they were all so animated and happy to be there, even singing a long to song that didn't require them to sing. There's a lot of false starts but as a friend say, they just charmed you more. SM is pure entertainment, and Bob is accidental entertainment, they even had the occasional choreographed moved. Anyway, as for the set list, it was awesome, and they were hella tight, there's a few moment where they need to restart songs but you know, who cares? This was a great show, I could play the "I wish they played..." game all day but those songs wouldn't have made the show any better, it was amazing. Sit back and enjoy. Also props to the old guy behind me for pouring his entire beer on me during Cut Your Hair.

Wish I was going to tomorrow's show. Unfortunately I had to sell my ticket because I am really strapped for cash. Wish I was going to Golden Plains as well, seeing this in the Supernatural Amphitheatre would really be something else.

"As they say in the drum and base world... TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNES!"

Silence Kit
Father to a Sister of Thought
In the Mouth a Desert
Trigger Cut
Date With Ikea
Range Life
Elevate Me Later
Zurich is Stained
Cut Your Hair
Stop Breathin'
Summer Babe
Gold Soundz
Kennel District
Conduit for Sale!
Fight This Generation
Debris Slide
We Dance
Shady Lane
Spit on a Stranger

Pavement - Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 04/03/2010 - 156.2mb - 1 hour 50 minutes


  1. Hey, very nice recording. Thanks for posting it. Let us know if you have a FLAC version of this, as well, as the sound quality of your recording is better than that of the FLAC recording that's floating around out there.

    Great work... I have linked to this post from my website, as well.

  2. Nice post and thanks for the recording.

  3. And yeah, please upload a FLAC if you have the original recording! :D

  4. Working on FLAC. Got slow internets yo.

  5. Great recording and please, please post a FLAC version somewhere. i like to do a matrix with the other recording. thanx again

  6. legend.

    thank you so much, you've got nooooo idea.

  7. Does anyone know the song they played over the pa before they went on?

  8. ^gimme a bit of time, I got the whole thing on tape but I cut it out because pretty much me and everyone I was with talked over it.