Thursday, June 10, 2010

VIVD Festival: The King Khan & BBQ Show

This show, quite simply, was weird.

It started off good enough, with King Khan walking off stage, out the fire exit and up onto the balcony where Lou Reed was seated to try and play a guitar solo, unfortunately the guitar dropped out and it was left up to Mark Sultan to fill the gap. From there on the show was up and down. Great parts included the music, Mark Sultan, getting everyone to throw a rubber snake around, and feeding everyone, the weird parts were King Khan being a general douche, being incredibly racist and getting the person he was being racist towards to dance for him still, cracking the shits with people in the crowd, kicking a dude in the fucking face, and desperate chicks getting up on stage being desperate.

It was easy to tell what was part of the King Khan and BBQ Show and what wasn't, seemed to me like King Khan was just trying to hard to impress Lou Reed, who greeted him mostly with his heroin face.

So yeah, The King Khan and BBQ Show ended after this show, and King Khan was banned from the Opera House. They are no more. Read King Khan's side of the story here, though he quite obviously left a lot out, what was written there wouldn't have caused Mark Sultan to break up the band, but it's all very sad, they were great together.

The King Khan & BBQ Show - Opera House Studio, Sydney, 03/06/2010 - 99mb - 1 hour 8 minutes

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