Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soundwave 2010

Flawless day, I ended up having so much fun and seeing some sick bands. A lot better organised than last year, but still hot as hell without any shade (The biggest cheer of the day being when the sun went behind a stray cloud for 30 seconds at about 3pm.) but you know, I thought this day was gonna be all about my inner early/mid-teenager but I ended up having an awesome day regardless. If anyone can help me out with any of these setlists would be appreciated.

First up and the criminally early time for one of the best bands ever was Sunny Day Real Estate. I never really consider it much but their set was truly ruined by being on so early in the day, they played perfectly and they were all pretty stoked to be playing but by half way through the day I had completely forgotten they'd even played, and they were the primary reason I had gone. But lucky I taped it because it's amazing.

Song About an Angel
Theo B
In Circles

Sunny Day Real Estate - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 63mb - 43 minutes

Saw Isis next as nothing else much was on, they had me pretty enthralled for moments and completely bored for others, enjoyable overall though. I think they played 3 songs?

Isis - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 51mb - 36 minutes

The Weakerthans, a surprise highlight for the day, it was between seeing them or Alexisonfire so I went with the band that probably will never come back. Really stood out from the rest of the lineup playing what was basically indie pop, and they were hella fun.

Tournament of Hearts
Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)
Reconstruction Site
The Reasons
Left and Leaving
Plea from a Cat Named Virtute

The Weakerthans - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 50mb - 35 minutes

For some reason, I only had to walk two stages over, but that took me some 20 minutes because Glassjaw/gLASSJAW/GlassJAw were already half way through their first song when I got there. Daryl Palumbo's voice is damn amazing and they played a tight set, I didn't recognise that many songs though so I found myself a bit lost at points. You always hear stories about Daryl being a wanker and such but god damn, he was a douche on stage at this show. He also had all sorts of cuts all over his body. His voice was spot on though, a great set. Sound is a bit jumpy at the start as I'm still walking towards the stage.

Tip Your Bartender
All Good Junkies Go to Heaven
Mu Empire
Ape Dos Mil
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
Jesus Glue
Pink Roses
Two Tabs of Mescaline
Siberian Kiss

Glassjaw - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 66mb - 46 minutes

Now I went to the mainstage to tape Placebo for a friend as nothing else was on and Paramore were still playing, so I thought it'd be funny to record That's What You Get and upload that, turns out it was only the third song of the set and I got to see all of it. tbh I've always thought Paramore write catchy singles but they were damn good live. I quite enjoyed it and Hayley Williams is like an energiser bunny.

That's What You Get
Looking Up
Let the Flames
Misery Business
Brick by Boring Brick

Paramore - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 51mb - 36 minutes

Another reason I bought a ticket to this was The Get Up Kids. Best crowd of the day, everyone was so into it, and they were loving it. I had always heard stories of them being crappy live and what not but they went alright. I forgot to do a setlist for these guys, later.

I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel
Coming Clean
The One You Want
Red Letter Day
Stay Gone
Close to Me (The Cure)
Action and Action
Don't Hate Me
Ten Minutes

The Get Up Kids - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 56mb - 39 minutes

Due to the maintsage being an hour late, I ended up being able to see AFI as well. I'm walking into the D Barrier as Kill Caustic starts, I don't know what they played before then. But simple truth is, AFI have moved on and I haven't, this almost killed my inner-early-teenager. Though I did still enjoy hearing the Sing the Sorrow songs for a nostalgia trip, but the only time they went further back then that was for Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing. Oh well, they've got a shitload of fans now so it's working for them.

Kill Caustic
Crash Love Song
Love is a Many Splendoured Thing
Crash Love Song
Dancing Through Sunday
The Missing Frame
Death of Seasons
Silver and Cold
Crash Love Song
Love Like Winter
Miss Murder

AFI - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 58mb - 39 minutes

Jane's Addiction had their moments. I think people are taking them a bit too seriously, take it for what they are, a bunch of ex-junkie rockstars being ex-junkie rockstars, and it's a bit of fun. Perry pretended to have a three way with some dancers, he rolled around on the floor proclaiming himself a role model and never once looked at or acknowledged the presence of Eric Avery, but you know, this set was rock and roll. I've seen reunions where certain members aren't "into it" but Eric Avery looked downright pissed off to be playing.

Up the Beach
Mountain Song
Had a Dad
Three Days
Been Caught Stealing
Then She Did...
Ocean Size
Ted, Just Admit It...
Jane Says

Jane's Addiction - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 95mb - 1 hour 7 minutes

I was extremely pleased when Jimmy Eat World were added at the last minute, and something seemed right about this set, something was clicking between them because what I saw is not what I ever hear about in reviews of Jimmy Eat World shows. It was fucking amazing. The set list was pretty damn great sing-a-long funtimes and the crowd were really enthusiastic. One of the best sets I've seen.

A Praise Chorus
Let it Happen
Always Be
Lucky Denver Mint
Get it Faster
No Sensitivity
The Authority Song
Big Casino
Hear You Me
Bleed American
The Middle

Jimmy Eat World - Soundwave, Sydney, 21/02/2010 - 98mb - 1 hour 9 minutes

And then I went home. Don't email me about Faith No More.


  1. Fuck yeah. well done, loving the isis and glassjaw so far

  2. Thanx a lot for the concerts of Glassjaw and Jimmy Eat World :)
    Is the one from AFI correctly, I don't think they've played all the time Crash Love Song xDD

  3. The Weakerthans' set sounded amazing. Thanks for posting!

    Tournament of Hearts
    Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)
    Reconstruction Site
    The Reasons
    Left and Leaving
    Plea from a Cat Named Virtute

  4. Isis setlist:
    Hall of the Dead
    Ghost Key
    Threshold of Transformation

  5. Oh my stars, thank you so much for this! I missed most of TGUK due to an interminable search for water. I wish I had two more hands so I could give your blog FOUR THUMBS UP.

  6. you sure the cuts on Daryl Palumbo weren't just his tattoos? he has some red outlines on his side which I guess could look like cuts.

  7. GJ & AFI! thank you so much!

    AFI Crash Love songs are:
    End Transmission
    Beautiful Thieves
    Too Shy To Scream

  8. Niiiiiice! Thanks for the recordings. I love being able to relive awesome gigs. :D

  9. Thanks for all the comments and setlists guys.

    And yeah I'm pretty sure it was the tattoo, saw Glassjaw the next night at the Roundhouse and I was much closer that time and they looked nothing like cuts. Also he was much less of an ass and much more hilarious.